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Green Initiatives | Sustainability & Recycling

​​​ComDoc Supports Green Initiatives

​​ComDoc, we value the environment and vow to help clients achieve a profitable and sustainable future with the right document management solutions.  

We practice the same ideals internally and are always looking for ways to develop future initiatives that ensure sustained economic and environmental success for ComDoc and our clients.  By working with our suppliers, customers, and stakeholders we strive to maintain the highest standards to preserve our environment.​


Here are Some of ComDoc's Environmentally-Friendly Initiatives:​


We reclaim thousands of machines and parts for our Certified Pre-Owned program every year that would have otherwise gone into landfills.  The reclaimed machines not only save our environment, they are also an important way for us to ​pass along the best value to our customers.


We work with our machine manufacturers to provide our clients a strong, cost-effective recycling program​ to see that empty toner bottles are recycled instead of disposed of.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of toner cartridges are recycled as a result of these programs. 


Any device that is not deemed acceptable for our Certified Pre-Owned program is broken down and recycled.  We salvage any good parts from the device first, and whatever is left-over is recycled.


We have a thorough paper recycling program at ComDoc. Not only do all of our offices recycle their paper, we shred test pages at our Distribution Center and use the shredded paper for packing material.

Every year, we have tree planting initiatives where we plant trees at our Corporate Office to keep our future green.  Like us​ on Facebook to be included in the next tree planting initiative.