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Our founding days…​​

ComDoc was originally founded in Akron, Ohio by Walter G. Griffith on October 15th, 1955. The company was established as a business equipment sales/service organization. By 1957 the company outgrew its original 1,200 square foot location, opening offices in Canton and Youngstown, Ohio.

Product lines were expanded and by 1977 the company had expanded to Syracuse, New York. I​n 1980 the company opened offices in Buffalo, Erie and Pittsburgh and sales grew to $10 million with 171 employees, seven product groups and eight sales locations. In 1981 ComDoc’s current name was coined, derived from the words “COMmunication” and “DOCumentation.” By 1985 ComDoc’s sales soared to $25 million and an employee stock ownership plan was implemented. This was the beginning o​​f the employee owned era.

Over the next few decades…

ComDoc experienced steady growth while sales broke record after record. A board of directors was established in 1994. In the following years, the company expanded to include offices in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus. The acquisition of OEM and Information Works allowed additional opportunities to sell services and solutions, which led to the development of today’s all-inclusive offerings, creating the ideal environment for ComDoc’s PRINT responsibly® methodology.​

Recent industry mergers…

In February of 2009 ComDoc was purchased by Global Imaging Systems, a Xerox Company, in order to service and sell superior products within the industry that ComDoc has been noted as being one of the major leaders.
“This move opens up opportunities to bring new solutions to our existing customers, expand our customer base and align with the long-time industry leader,” said Riley Lochridge, ComDoc's Chief Executive Officer at the time of the acquisition.

Larry Frank added, “In a rapidly consolidating marketplace, it is advantageous for us to operate from a stronger competitive position, while remaining an independent business within Global Imaging.”

The merger of ComDoc and Global Imaging Systems positions ComDoc to be at the forefront of their industry for many years to come by offering the same unique and award winning service combined with Xerox’s product and technology innovation and Global Imaging Systems' streamlined approach to distribution. This marks a truly unique marriage of values, technology and proposition for ComDoc heading into the future.

​ComDoc Founders -

Walt & Elly Griffith​

ComDoc Founders: Walt & Elly Griffith