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​Immediate Service:​

​​Online...Over the phone...In​ pe​rson.

Let's face it, printer malfunctions can easily ruin a produ​ctive workday.  ComDoc understands the importance of preventing these problems, and if they do occur, we ensure that our customers are up-and-running A.S.A.P.​

We are here to serve you, in the fastest, easiest way possible.  You can place a service call online through myComDoc​ 24/7, contact our Customer Care Center​​ for immediate troubleshooting or give us a ring to place a call through our friendly dispatch team. Whichever method you prefer, we will get your problem resolved and get you up and runni​ng right away.

Our service is unparalleled​ in our industry.  Check out a few of our impressive statistics:​

  • ​Preventative maintenance helps our machines average 99.1% uptime.
  • Our service team spends 20% of their time monitoring and proactively responding to machines BEFORE our customers need emergency service.
  • ​​​Our highly trained field engineers respond by phone within one hour of the customer's call.
  • ​92% of ComDoc emergency service calls are completed on the first visit.​

Can't Wait for a Technician?​

Contact ComDoc's Customer Ca​r​e Center​ for immediate resolution: