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myComDoc Main Page Help

​​The main page, or Customer Gateway, is set up in a tile format.  Most tiles provide different functionality, like searching or displaying key information based on your location.​


1 – Search Tile

The search tile will allow users to search their fleet of equipment for certain criteria.  By default, the search will be based on equipment id.  To change this, click the three dot button shown below. 


The different search types are Equipment (default), Meter, Sales order and Service call. Click one to make the selection.


Simply type your search criteria into the text field and press the magnifying glass icon or press the enter key. A new screen will appear with the equipment filtered based on your search.

2 – Meters Tile

This tile will show the number of meters that are due as well as all of the meters available for your equipment. Clicking on the name or number of either "Meters Due" or "All Meters" will take users to a new window displaying the equipment based on the selection. From here, you can submit meters for the equipment.  More detail is available in the "Meters" section.

3 – Equipment Tile

This tile displays a summary of the equipment in your company.  The first item displayed on this tile is equipment on record.  This is any equipment that has an equipment ID or contract number, or even equipment that we help service. 

The second item displayed on this tile is equipment ON Contract.  This would describe a machine that is covered for service and/or supplies at no charge.

The third item displayed on this tile is equipment OFF Contract.  This would describe a machine that does not have an agreement that would cover free service or supplies.  The transactions would be chargeable for all service and products.

Click on any of these to show the equipment within these filters.

4 – Device Mix Tile

The Device Mix tile will show the equipment based on the model of the machine.  This is helpful for larger companies that have multiple machines with the same model.  The Item column shows the specific product number that goes with the machine.  The Description column shows a brief model name of the machine. The Count column shows the number of machines in that model that are in your fleet. The Percentage column is the ratio of that particular module against all the machines the company utilizes.

Click on a model and the following screen will show you the equipment ID by number.  Clicking on the Equipment ID will take you to the equipment record where there are buttons (shown below) for entering meter reads, service calls or supplies orders.  Also on this screen is a summary of the equipment itself with location, install date, contact person and meter history.


5 – User Settings Tile

This tile displays the current user logged in.  The lock button to the right is the log out button when users are ready to sign out of myComDoc.  Clicking on the user's name will display a new screen that has contact information as well as password reset functionality.  See above for how to reset the password .

6 – Supply Orders Tile

Note: Do not select a "Master Account". You cannot ship supplies to a master account; you must choose a shipping location.

You will then be directed to your main page.

If you only have access one account, you will be taken immediately to your main page.


There are two sections to this tile. The first section contains "New items", "Picked items", "Shipped items (last 30 days)", "Back ordered items", and "Canceled items".

The New Items link will show a list of items recently ordered.

The Picked Items link will show a list of items that are picked and preparing for shipping.

The Shipped Items link will show the items that are in the process of being delivered in the last 30 days.

The Back ordered items link will display items that are not in our warehouse and we will need to order them then forward them onto you.

The Canceled items link will show items that have been canceled.

In the second section, users can place orders for parts or supplies for their machines.  See the Supply Orders section.  This section contains "Newly submitted orders", "Orders (last 30 days)" and "All orders". 

Orders are separated out by Purchase Order Numbers so clicking on Newly Submitted Orders will display the Order number for the order placed recently.

The Newly Submitted Orders link will display orders that have recently been submitted.

The Orders (last 30 days) link will display orders placed in the last 30 days.

The All Orders link will display all orders that have been placed for your company.


7 – Service Calls Tile

The Service Calls tile displays the calls placed against your equipment (within myComDoc or all). 

"Pending" displays the calls that you have placed for the equipment that haven't been addressed yet.  These are typically calls that have just been placed.

"Scheduled" displays the calls where the technician has contacted you.  The technician may have called to get more information about the issue being encountered on the machine, or to find a time suitable for a visit.

"Dispatched" displays the calls where the technician will be coming out to your location.

"Cleared" represents the calls that have been addressed and completed.

Click on the "New Service Call" button for a technician to visit your location in regards to an issue with your machine or general maintenance.  See instructions 

8 – Documentation Tile

 This link provides further documentation for myComDoc.

Please click this link for further information


9 – Recycle Tile

This link provides further information regarding how to properly recycle toner.

Please click this link for further information.