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myComDoc Meters Help


1 – Step by Step: How to Enter Meter Reads

1.       Go to the main page (customer gateway).  See "2 – Main Page (Customer Gateway)" for more about the main page.

2.       Find the "Meters" tile:

3.       Select the "Meters due" to enter a meter read for all pieces of equipment that needs a meter read.  You can enter meter reads by selecting "All meters," but you will see all pieces of equipment even if it doesn't need a meter read.

4.       You will see a similar screen when you click the "Meters due" or "All meters" link:


5.       For each piece of equipment, you will see grouping like this.

6.       The "Meter reading IS REQUIRED" will be shown on each piece of equipment that needs a meter read.


7.       You can change the Meter reading date if needed, but we recommend you use the default value.

8.       When you start to enter your meter read, you will see the following window pop up:


9.       After entering your meter read, click "OK."

10.   After entering all meter reads, you will see the following:


11.   This means you are ready to submit your meter reads.  Press the "Submit" button to save your meter reads.


12.   You will then be taken back to the main page, and as you can see from the image, there are no meters due.  This means that at the location you have selected, all meter reads have been satisfied.


2 – Meter e-Mail

If you haven't entered a meter read for a piece of equipment or if FM Audit could not get a read, you will receive an e-mail requesting a meter read.  Click the link, and enter your meter reads for your machines that need a read.​


3 - Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Why am I not receiving request for my needed meter read(s)? Below are some common scenarios

Scenario 1 – Verify your email address is current and correct on the MyComDoc website. (add the "mycomdoc" link)

Scenario 2 – Due to our migration to a new software system "certain" annual contracts now only require your black meter read once a year

Scenario 3 - Your device has been set up on FM Audit which reports reads to us automatically.    

2.    Why am I getting this meter read request? I thought my machine was set up on FMA for automated readings.

  • Scenario 1 - It may have fallen off line, or there was an IP address change.
  • Scenario 2 - Possibly due to the machine being moved or a temporary power loss could also disrupt the communication.

 Please contact our FM Audit team at 800-287-7893 ex 8682 for assistance and they can help you to get your device reconnected.  

3.    Why am I not seeing this machine on the customer center? I need to order toner.


    • Scenario 1 - It may simply need linked to your profile. Please send your request to
    • Scenario 2 - It may be in a contingent status. Please call the Contract Billing Department at 1-800-287-7893 ext 8597 for verification.
    • Scenario 3 – It is not currently showing as an active contract.


4.    May I change the contact person who gets the meter read reminder?
Yes. Please email your request to and include your contract/equipment ID number/s.


5.    May we have the email reminder go to more than one person?
No, unfortunately the system will only send to one email address.


6.    May I add another contact who can order service and supplies?
Yes. Please send your request to and include your contract/equipment id number/s.

7.    Are we able to receive invoices  via email or access through your website?
With our recently upgraded software migration, it is something we will be able to offer in the future, possibly even sometime in the Fall.