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myComDoc Navigate Locations

1 – General Information

 After login, if your company contains multiple locations, the following screen will appear. The master location will contain the words "(master)" within the Name column.

Note: When the master location is selected, a note will appear on the Main Screen on the Supply Tile which will not allow you to enter a supply order unless you select the "Switch Location or Search All Equipment" button to return to the screen below and select the location that is not the master.


2 - Search Equipment (All Locations)

The search equipment portion of the Switch Location screen is in the top right corner next to your login name and address.


This part of the screen allows you to search on Equipment Number or Serial Number. The search box will search both numberic and alpha-numberic characters. Once a search is executed, under Quick Links, 4 new buttons appear that take you directly where they list.  The search will also result in displaying the specific location where the equipment comes from.  Select the location to go to the Main Page.