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myComDoc Supply Orders Help


Note: Do not select a "Master Account". You cannot ship supplies to a master account; you must choose a shipping location.

You will then be directed to your homepage.

If you only have access one account, you will be taken immediately to your home page.

1 - Switch Locations (All Locations): Search for the correct account # using the Equipment ID #

  1. Type the Equipment ID# in the search box and click “Search”.
  2. If your user name has access to that machine, the website will display a green result:
  3. You can then choose one of the quick links to view equipment, enter meter reads, place a service call, or place a supply order.
  4. If your user name does not have access to that machine, the website will display a yellow result:

If you receive the yellow result that the machine is not found, you will need to call the Supply Solutions Team for assistance to have this machine added to your online account.

2 – Step by Step: How to Place a Supply Order

1.       Click "Place Order" button on the "Supply Orders" tile:


2.       You will see the following page:


3.       Add supply items to your order: see "2 – Adding Supplies to Your Order" below.

4.       Change your ship to location if needed: see "3 – Changing Your Ship to Location" below.

5.       Enter your PO number for your records if you would like to.

6.       Click the "Order Options" button and pick your shipping method: see "4 – Picking Your Shipping Method and Other Order Options" below.

7.       Click "Save" to submit your order:


8.       You will then be taken to a list of your newly submitted orders:

9.       See "5 – Reviewing Submitted Sales Orders" below to learn more about viewing your submitted sales orders.

10.   If there is a mistake or error with your sales order, please contact us as soon as possible "0 – Contact Us"

11.   IMPORTANT: Tax and freight are not calculated by the system viewable to you when you first create a sales order.  We will enter that value behind the scenes.  You will receive an e-mail that will have the details of the final total which includes tax and freight.

3 – Adding Supplies to Your Order

1.       To add items to your sales order, click the "Add Items" button at the bottom of the page:


2.       You will see the following window:

3.       Clicking "Equipment" will show you a list of your equipment.  Select a piece of equipment to add items that are associated with your equipment that you selected:

    1. Enter the quantity you would like for each item, and then click "OK."  Leaving the field empty is the same as entering 0.

4.       Clicking "Previous orders (last 30 days)" shows you a list of orders that you have submitted the past 30 days.  Select an order, and you will see a list of items and quantities from that order.

5.       Clicking "Searching" allows you to search by equipment or previous sales orders.  Just select what you want to search for and type in the text:


6.       After clicking "OK," your items will be added to your order:

7.       To change the quantity of an item, enter a new value into the "Qty" field.

8.       To remove an item, click the red "x" to the far right of the item.

9.       Repeat the process if you want to add more supply items to your sales order.

4 – Changing Your Ship to Location

1.       To change your ship to location, click the three dots (…) button next to the ship to address:


2.       After the window pops up, click on the location you would like to change the ship to location to.  In this example, there is only one location, but if you have multiple locations, you can select the location that you want the supplies to be shipped to.

5 – Picking Your Shipping Method and Other Order Options

1.       Click on the "Order Options" button to view other options for your order:


2.       This is the Order Options window:

3.       Select either Ground Shipping or Overnight shipping options.  You must select one of these options to submit your sales order.
    1. Ground Shipping
      1. Depending on your contract with ComDoc, shipping of supplies can be free.
      2. Retail supplies will have a minimum shipping cost based on weight.
    2. Overnight
      1. All supplies shipped overnight have a minimum shipping cost that is based on weight.  We ship overnight orders arrive on next business day.
    3. Shipping is calculated behind the scenes.  You will receive an e-mail after saving your order with the final price.
    4. IMPORTANT - Prices in this document are subject to change.  Go to the myComDoc website to view this window tosee current pricing.

4.       If you want this order to be sent to a different person then who you are logged in as, please enter that person's name in the Attention field.

5.       Feel free to add any other comments that you want for this order in the Order Comments textbox.

6.       Click "OK" to update your order options

7.       You can see a summary of what you selected in the order options window next to the Order Options button:


6 – Reviewing Submitted Supply Orders

1.       When you create a sales order, it is saved as a newly submitted supply order.  To see newly submitted sales orders, click the link "Newly submitted orders" on the main page:


2.       Clicking the "Newly submitted orders" link will bring you to the following page:

3.       To view more details of the sales order, click the link of the sales order number on the left side of the above image.

4.       You can also select the other order types on the main page in the sales orders tile. 

7 - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why am I seeing so many toners listed for my machine?
    Many machines can use a variety of different toners that can all be used in the same machine. For some machines you may see a variety of toners, such as genuine, alternate, micr, metered, non-metered, low yield and high yield. For Xerox metered will be your probable selection. We will check your order prior to processing to be sure the correct toner was selected.
  2. Why can't I see my staples listed?
    If you purchased a certified pre-owned machine, your staples may not be listed. You can call for assistance.
  3. Can I use my credit card to pay for my order?
    Not on the website. To pay with credit card, please give us a call.
  4. Why am I being charged for my supplies? I have a contract for free supplies.
    If a toner is selected that is not included in your contract, you will be charged, For example, if you order genuine toner and your contract provides compatible toner, you will be charged for the genuine toner.
  5. Why don't I see any items listed?
    Your supplies may be provided by another dealer or you don't have a supply inclusive contract.