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myComDoc Service Call Help

​​1 – Before Placing a Service Call

                If you are experiencing issues with your equipment, you can place a service call through myComDoc.  But, we recommend you do one of the following.  Both of these options can save you time and get your piece of equipment back on line faster. 

  1. Call our Customer Care Center (800) 321.4846
  2. View Xerox's Self-Help web portal to see if you can solve the issue yourself

Our Customer Care Center is unique to ComDoc.  You can get an issue solved right on the phone quicker than if you just placed a service call.  Here are some of the ComDoc's Customer Care Center statistics:

  1. Our average phone response time is about 3 minutes. 
  2. Our average talk time on the phone is 10 minutes
  3. Our average Remote Session where we Remote into a customer's computer/copier is approximately 20 minutes. 
  4. Our overall success rate with resolving the customers issue is 85%.
  5. For issues we don't resolve, we can place the service call. 

2 – Placing a Service Call

1.       If calling our Customer Care Center is not an option, go to the main page and look for the Service Call tile:


2.       Click the "New Service Call" button to place a call.

3.       The following popup will give a little information about our Customer Care Center, that can help you resolve issues over the phone. Click OK.

4.       Under the –New Service Call—heading, click the ellipses button next to Equipment.

5.       Select one of the machines in your fleet. 

6.       Enter the Customer PO Number if necessary.

7.       Enter your problem with the machine into the Description field. 

8.       When finished filling out the information, click the Save button.​


3 - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure my service call was sent to a technician?

The technician will call you to confirm receipt of your service request and to set up a time to come out and service your machine.​

How can I contact the technician for an ETA or to give other pertinent information regarding my service call?

Please call our service line and speak to Customer Service Representative that can assist with contacting the technician for you. The service number is 1-800-321-4846 option #1.​