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9 Steps of Quality Assurance | Our CPO Process


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ComDoc's thorough process to ensure that the performance and reliability of our Certified Pre-Owned Equipment​ are the same as brand new equipment.​

​Here are our 9 Steps of Quality Assurance:​​​​​

  1. ​​​Select a quality Xerox machine with minimal usage th​at meets ComDoc standards
  2. Strip the machine down to its core and thoroughly clean all of the covers and accessories
  3. Remove all of the subassemblies​
  4. Replace all consumable parts with brand new ones
  5. Thoroughly test the machine and run a multitude of tests to confirm the highest quality on every job
  6. Update devices with the latest firmware​
  7. Test overall performance and accessories
  8. Prepare machines for a safe and fast delivery​​
​ ​​

​​Is CPO right for my company?

Contact us today to discover if a Certified Pre-Owned option is right for your office.​​Contact Us​!​​​​​​​​​