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J​obRouter | The power to turn business processes into assets.​

​​​​JobRouter helps you create best-practice automated business processes that are efficient, consistent and agile.

The power to turn business processes into assets.​

​JobRouter is a full-featured, easy-to-use and extremely powerful all-in-one platform for creating workflow automation, electronic forms and document management solutions. It was designed to help any size organization transform their human workflow processes into dynamic web-based process applications that add visibility and control, improve efficiency, and lower costs and risk.

  • Convert manual and paper-based procedures into automated, efficient, consistent, transparent and timely processing of applications, forms, approvals, service reports, invoices, requests, corrective actions…
  • Stay compliant with laws, regulations and internal standards.
  • Connect processes and systems for organization-wide visibility and control.
  • Easily handle exceptions that require action across multiple departments.
  • Process large quantities of 'cases' (paper or electronic) per day/month.​

​Create powerful workflow applications — without programming.

JobRouter is exceptionally intuitive to use. From simple process improvements to sophisticated workflows, process owners, designers, administrators and users will quickly feel confident in their ability to tame complexity and gain control over processes.

  • Compose workflows and electronic forms intuitively with a graphical design approach.
  • No programming, specialized IT staff or complex system configuration is needed.
  • Users become comfortable with the web-based interface within minutes.

A flexible platform — you can build on.

Do things your way. JobRouter combines extensive functionality with flexibility so each organization can tailor processes to meet their unique needs.

  • Automate one process or a hundred. Start where you are.
  • Easily build-on, modify and connect related workflows and processes.
  • Integrate with existing applications and processes.
  • No template lock-in and no need to purchase single-purpose tools.

A cost-effective model — for a quick ROI.

In contrast to other products with high licensing and operating costs, JobRouter can be implemented quickly, scalably and cost-effectively on-premise or in a cloud model.

  • Pay only for what you use with per-server-based licensing.
  • Easily scale up at any time, adding features, modules and capabilities only as needed.
  • Standard web/database server infrastructure is all that is needed.
  • Web-based. No client software is required.

How Can JobRouter Maximize My Information?

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Check out this case study to see how JobRouter helped speed up invoicing:

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