3 Creative Ways to Use CMYK+

Being able to differentiate yourself from your competition is the key to attracting new business and customers. Xerox® Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology will allow you to do exactly that.

By adding the Xerox® Adaptive CMYK Plus kit to your existing Xerox® Color C60 or C70 printer you can open up a world of new possibilities with the ability to utilize gold, silver, white, and clear ink effects on your products.

Check out these 3 creative ways to enhance your catalog or ideas for new products by utilizing the innovative Xerox® Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology kit


1. Create captivating business cards with gold, silver, and white text effects

Business cards are still how most professionals create their first impression. A well designed business card can be one of the most effective tools in someone's arsenal because not only does it sell the person, it also sells the brand they represent.

By utilizing Xerox® Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology you can stand out from other printers while also helping your own customers stand out from their peers.

Print logomarks in gold. Use white text on colored textured paper. Add silver accents. The possibilities are endless when you add CMYK Plus Technology to your offerings!


2. Offer more "wow" to the billion dollar wedding industry

If you're running a commercial print shop and you're not printing wedding invitations, you're missing out. This near $100 billion dollar industry sees couples spending thousands on wedding invitations for each engagement.

How can you bring this lucrative market to your business?

With Xerox® Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology you can offer products that other print providers simply cannot compete with.

Impress your customers with the ability to add a touch of class to their wedding invitations with gold, silver, and white accents.


3. Create unique effects with a clear ink overlay

When we say the "possibilities are endless" with Xerox® Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology, we mean it.

You can enhance every product you offer with a clear ink overlay effect. In doing so, you can attract a new audience and create additional streams of revenue for your business.

Some ideas on how to utilize the clear ink overlay effect can include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Highlight company logos by adding a clear overlay on top
  • Create a water splash or droplet effect that is perfect for advertisements in the soft drink and energy drink markets
  • Highlight small accent features to draw attention to the main subject of the artwork

Sometimes seeing is believing

Xerox Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology is incredible, but it may be hard to get the real experience by looking at pictures in brochures or online.

Set up some time to visit one of our showrooms or have some print samples delivered to ahead of a virtual demonstration and get a real taste of how this innovative tech can differentiate your business.

Try it out today!

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