What Xerox Is Working on in 2020

The past decade has been one brimming with innovative announcements from Xerox. From the release of the cloud-connected line of ConnectKey copiers and printers to game-changing production solutions like the Xerox Iridesse and Baltoro, it's no surprise that everyone is eagerly anticipating what the next decade has in store for the worldwide leader in office printing technology and solutions.

3D Printing for Manufacturing

The World is On-Demand. Now Manufacturing Can Be Too.

Planes, cars, even spaceships—big changes are coming to how parts are manufactured for the machines that carry us around the globe.

Drawing upon decades of experience in printing and materials science, Xerox is incubating new 3D printing technologies and will begin introducing them to the market in 2020. “We’ve been testing our 3D technology with the Department of Defense and NASA to design some of the most complex parts in the world,” said Xerox Chief Technology Officer, Naresh Shanker. “3D printing is going to transform manufacturing, and Xerox is going to drive that change.”

Xerox aims to disrupt traditional manufacturing through its 3D liquid metal technology combined with AI-based design software. “By pairing these two technologies, manufacturers will be able to design and fabricate parts that meet their structural and cost requirements on the first try,” said Shanker.

Artifical Intelligence

Xerox and PARC Define the Era of Artificial Intelligence

In 1982, the movie Blade Runner depicted a futuristic 2019 filled with flying cars and sentient androids roaming the streets of a dystopian Los Angeles.

As we turn the page to 2020 it's quite obvious that some of Hollywood's predictions are still a ways away, however there is no doubt that artificial intelligence, or AI, is permeating our professional and personal lives.

In fact, Xerox has several technologies at work in places where artificial intelligence and augmented reality intersect. This is more than coincidence, because Xerox’s business has always revolved around connecting the enterprise and its people to the flow of information, and allow them to share data more quickly and securely.

A few examples include:

  • IoT sensors
    PARC, A Xerox Company is working on novel sensors to help digest the massive amounts of data delivered by the internet of things (IoT) to help machines receive and interpret the right kind of data.

  • Partnerships in machine intelligence
    From apps to help Proctor and Gamble connect with their target audience to creating a proactive maintenance solution for the East Japan Railway Company, Xerox and PARC are developing direct integrations with existing data banks to create the next wave of AI driven solutions.

  • Basic research that drives practical applications
    At their core, PARC is a laboratory that made its name by way of basic research. Their team is hearkening back to their heritage by working hard on resolving the fundamental problem with how AI is traditionally adopted by replacing algorithms with Explainable AI.

"...a big part of Xerox’s business is about information flow and sharing of data and information and connecting that in an enterprise setting. We have a number of technologies at the intersection of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, and welcome other emerging technologies. We plan to continue to innovate on multiple fronts for Xerox Corporation."

- Dr. Tolga Kurtoglu | CEO | PARC, A Xerox Company

Beyond CMYK

Xerox Is Breathing New Life Into Print

With specialty printing being one of the fastest-growing digital segments, it comes with no surprise that Xerox is heading into 2020 ahead of the game with the announcement of their Xerox Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology.

This technology has been engineered to augment the traditional cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) capabilities by granting the ability to accent printed materials with fluorescents, gold, silver, white, and clear embellishments when needed.

“The 2-in-1 capability of our print engine combined with our new Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology allows printers to push past the boundaries of commodity print at a price point unmatched in the market,” said Terry Antinora, vice president and general manager of Workplace Solutions, Xerox.

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