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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Document Management Solution

ComDoc offers simple, yet powerful software to manage your business documents. All of your critical documentation from invoices, to spreadsheets, to email messages can be stored and indexed in a central location with a Document Management Solution, giving you immediate access to your files. Imagine being able to access your files from any computer, smart phone or tablet, regardless of your location. Better yet, retrieving stored documents can be as easy as keying a few key words into a search field. Want it even simpler than that? ComDoc can place an easy search button within your business applications to link you directly to your files.

Our Document Management Solutions will transform your workflow into a seamless, simplified process. With the help of digital approve and decline stamps, staples, notes and signatures, you can speed up your workflow such as the verification and authorization of invoices. Instant notification can alert you when a change is made to a document – even if you’re out of the office. You can approve and decline documents, and move them to the next step in the process with a few clicks of the mouse.

A Document Management Solution can simplify every task as it relates to documents. It creates productive workflow and easy-to-find archiving with the touch of a mouse. It also provides you with the highest level of data and access security available for archiving and protecting your documents. Partner with ComDoc to simplify your life while minimizing the need for paper documents in your office.

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Many businesses today still lack a centralized Document Management Solution. At ComDoc, we know that the thought of implementing any new workflow can be daunting, but rest assured knowing that our experts have helped hundreds of organizations like yours achieve a true Document Management Solution.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Document Management Solution:


One Repository

No more searching through scattered, unorganized file cabinets. A Document Management Solution from ComDoc, A Xerox Company can help you find your documents faster, from all of your devices.

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Disaster Recovery

When all of your business records are contained within a Document Management Solution you can have peace of mind knowing that they are guaranteed safe, secure, and disaster-proof.


The New Employee

Business records and information that are stored in a Document Management Solution are behind the strongest and most secure data encryption available today, making sure your records stay secure.

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ComDoc can quickly and efficiently integrate your Document Management Solution with existing software and work-flow processes to increase productivity.



Businesses of all sizes can benefit from a Document Management Solution from ComDoc, A Xerox Company. With a digital solution, your solution can grow as your business does.

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